Web Developer London Helps You Expand Your Business

Magora is a team of London-based web developers and designers with a solid experience in website creation and app development. We have worked with many small businesses and internationally recognised corporations on a great amount of highly successful projects for various industries from educational institutions to large online retailers, art galleries and shipping companies. Most of our projects are demonstrated in our expansive portfolio, which you find on our website. If you would like to learn more about our agency and our staff, feel free to contact us – we will be glad to tell you about our team in detail.

Our Services and Skills

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Git / SVN
  • PHP and MySQL
  • CMS development
  • Responsive email and website design
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Principles of accessible design
  • Research and Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Optimisation for mobile

Web Development

Our web development experts pay great attention to details. We build bespoke websites for businesses who wish to gain wide recognition, boost growth and increase profits. Undoubtedly, design plays a key role in the impression your website produces on your customers, and the first impression may be critical for a highly competitive business environment of today. We guarantee you that visitors will never click an escape button a second after they have entered a website developed by our talented specialists.

What We Do

  • UI design. We build user-friendly interfaces for individual and business websites, as well as mobile apps and desktop programs. Our products are visually appealing, engaging, feature-rich and intuitive. We polish every detail until it is flawless and create flawless websites that users love.
  • Responsive design. We design websites that look amazing on all devices from mobile phones to desktop computers, no matter how tiny or how large their displays may be. As a result, our websites are easily readable even on the tiniest screens and highly efficient thanks to a single code base
  • Web design. Our experienced team of developers and designers builds websites and web apps for a wide range of purposes: brochure websites, mobile websites, eCommerce platforms, dynamic websites, blogs, news sites, web archives, photo sharing systems and much more. You can be sure that your web site will be built on the latest technologies and optimised for search engines to rank high in search results.
  • CMS integration and development. We can either integrate an existing content management system into your website or create customised systems that will fit your specific needs. CMS are critical, as they allow you to easily add content and edit it fast, always keeping your site updated.
  • Graphic design. We just love creativity and guarantee first-class design of any artwork you order from us: invitations, brochures, promotional materials, posters, product packaging, flyers, tickets and so on.
  • Branding. If you are a startup, our specially trained experts can create your business identity from scratch. If you are a well-established business, we can revamp your business persona according to the latest trends. We can create you a brand new logo, business cards, personalized stationery artwork and anything else you may need. Our designer will work with you to breathe new life into your business identity.
  • Social Media Consulting.  We keep blogs, tweet, post photos on Instagram, leave likes on Facebook and share our experience on various social platforms. We can assist you in developing and designing a full-scale social media campaign to grow your customer base and increase brand awareness.

Integration With Existing Online Accounts

We can integrate your website with your social media pages, eCommerce systems, bespoke software, web portals, blogs, and databases. Integration brings you many benefits and allows you to:

  • Significantly improve online customer experience
  • Avoid duplicated efforts
  • Keep databases always synchronised
  • Automate routine procedures and time-consuming activities
  • Keep your customers up to date with the latest information about your services and products
  • Timely inform their clients about any news concerning your business
  • Boost sales
  • Reduce errors and avoid invalid data

Web Design and Development Process

Over the years, Magora’s team of designer, programmers and managers have developed a lean strategy of web development to ensure that all our products meet our high standards and are delivered to the client on time. Whether the project is small and simple or large and complex, whether we create a new website from scratch or optimise an existing solution, we always keep to practically the same process. We discover the project’s objectives and requirements, build the internet site architecture, incorporate your branding, create the visual design, generate content, program the website and, finally, release it.

How We Build Websites

We keep our clients informed at each stage to allow them track the deliverables, approve modifications, give feedback and take part in decision-making. At the beginning of every project we provide our clients with a detailed plan of our work, encompassing every step within the process. Typically, our website and development process consists of four stages, which we are going to outline for you to have an understanding of our work.


  • Evaluate existing website
  • Research the market
  • Set requirements
  • Formalize specifications
  • Review branding
  • Define timeframes
  • Create a site map
  • Build a wireframe
  • Confirm the plan


  • Create design concepts
  • Design home page
  • Approval of the design by the client
  • Design page layout
  • Design interactions
  • Approval of the first website version
  • Choose imagery
  • Create content
  • Optimise for search engines
  • Approval of the second version


  • Programming and engineering
  • Build all pages
  • Add content
  • Implement Functionality
  • Testing
    • Cross-browser compatibility
    • Check every link
    • Usability testing
    • Functional testing
    • Proofreading
    • Mobile friendliness tests
    • Website validation
  • Approval of the working version of each web page by the client


  • Staff training
  • Website release
  • User analytics
  • Search engine optimisation support
  • Website maintenance and further  development

Website Analysis

If you already have a website, but wish to increase your traffic or bring the site up to date, we can review it and find its strong and weak sides. We will examine how well your website represents your business identity, analyse whether your visitors have a pleasant experience browsing through your website – whether they can easily find necessary information, navigate through the menu and so on – see if there are any bugs or glitches and check your site for mobile-friendliness and SEO. As a result, we will provide you with a free analytical report, including a chart of all the aspects of the website that require optimisation.