How to improve SEO

One of the most memorable moments you can have while searching for something on Google is when you get an answer.

When your question is answered directly in the search result, the chances are that great information or product/service is waiting for you are just a click away.

SEO has always been about getting your website up into that top position so that people looking for what you have to offer can see it first. But SEO has evolved, and so must your approach to it.

The following are four ways in which SEO can be improved upon significantly:

1- Always use content wisely – this way, not only will the quality of your site improve, but those pages with too little text will now become candidates for improvement as it pertains to their quality.

2- Try and provide some sort of unique value – your article should show your target audience why they need it and what benefit they stand to gain from reading it. This way, more people will be compelled to read.

3- Promote the articles you produce on social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook – This enables you to get more views for free and cuts down the cost incurred in advertising, primarily when you use automatic tweeting or sharing tools.

4- Use anchor text correctly- Lastly, remember how we talked about Google knowing where any link is pointing towards? Well, this means that if a website has a link that’s optimized with a keyword, search engines can quickly identify it as a relevant link and value it more.